Embracing the New Era of Software with AI

While Artificial Intelligence (Software 2.0) offers unparalleled potential, it also introduces a new layer of complexity, particularly in scalability, data privacy, and predictive accuracy (hallucinations). Those areas are the ones we’ve been working on during the last two years, and while not trivial, the technology is ready to get results and have a huge impact at many levels in the enterprise world. During the next months, we will publish a series of blog posts breaking down how we face those challenges from a technical perspective. But let’s start by showing how the enterprise world is using AI.

Real-World Impact: Use Cases to Inspire

Our Approach to AI Solutions

At The Agile Monkeys, our journey towards AI innovation (Software 2.0) is driven by four interconnected teams.

Our experience working with Fortune 500 companies such as eBay, esteemed institutions like Harvard University IQSS, and innovative startups like Rent The Runway has equipped us with insights into managing scale, compliance, and large data sets.

We believe in the power of game-changing collaborations with visionary leaders keen to transcend traditional business operations. If you're ready to redefine industry standards and explore the full potential of AI, let’s pave the way for innovation together.