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Products & projects by The Agile Monkeys

Booster framework ↗

Open-source solution for building serverless, scalable, and reliable event-driven applications.

Mayday App ↗

An exclusive communication channel, a direct line for really important messages that require immediate attention/response.

Pickbit ↗

The Giphy of audio formats.


An application to produce and consume events from one or several Kafka brokers at the same time.

English4Devs ↗

An English and communication skills acceleration program specialized in developers.

Rockets Platform ↗

A community-driven catalog of building blocks for your software applications.

Haskell Do ↗

An open-source Haskell code editor focused on interactive development.

Counteract ↗

A platform to bring content creators and sustainable brands together and empower them.

Sophy ↗

A sustainable yoga retail company and circular economy.

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