We are a team of senior full-stack engineers offering development services that focus on microservices, event-driven architectures, and serverless applications.
We’re the ones who know the tricks and tools behind Serverless (Amazon lambdas). We get our hands dirty building software alongside your team with your current architecture. We also do rescue missions, architectural assessments, and training.




Serverless tools


Matthew Smyth.
Technology Chief of Staff, Trov Inc.

Jaime and the crew at The Agile Monkeys have always provided great software solutions for me. I have worked with them at multiple companies, and I appreciate the way they are thoughtful about approaching problems, providing different options and discussing tradeoffs. They’re far above other coding organizations, not simply delivering the minimum — they ensure high quality, and well-architected code is always their goal.

Steve Romero.
VP Mobile Engineering, eBay.

Theam.io is one of my favorite teams ever, and I’ve worked with many. Aside from having very capable engineers (I refuse to work with anything less) they bring that little piece of magic that is the difference between meeting the requirements of the spec and building a great application.

Aimee Cardwell.
VP Engineering, American Express.

Working with Theam is such a pleasure. They are always thinking about how the work can be done better, more scalably, and more efficiently. Jaime encourages his team members to become members of the teams they’re working with so that they work as one team, not as a third party.

Hampton Catlin.
VP Engineering, Rent the Runway.

Theam has been an awesome development partner for Rent the Runway. We’ve used their team in almost all of our critical systems, and they’ve done a great job integrating themselves into our teams.

Billy Tobon.
Senior Director of Engineering, Merrill Corporation.

Theam possesses a seasoned team of engineers – and most of them are truly full-stack – that not only participates in the development activities but also helps to mentor other in-house engineers and project stakeholders. I have worked very closely with the Theam group in various projects in the last three years, and every time they excelled in the quality of their solutions, during design, implementation, and production rollout.

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